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Starena Collective Solutions

Starena Sports Equipment

Starena has partnered with internationally successful companies to bring a wide range of high quality Sports Equipment Products to the Australasian market. Through the success of Starena as a multipurpose seating supplier, it is evident that many projects require some form of sporting product.

Starena can now offer a range of quality options to meet the needs of our customers. The range of Basketball Backstops meets all levels of FIBA standard accreditation. We also offer a range of Volleyball, Tennis and Badminton equipment in which we can meet FIVB, ITF and BWF certification levels respectively. We provide soccer and athletic products that meet Olympic level standards, while also providing your standard options for any level of competition.

Through local companies we have established a partnership to offer Electronic Shot Clocks, Timers and Electronic Scoreboard. We have a broad capability and are happy to work with the customer to meet requirements.

Starena Outdoor Furniture

Starena has partnered with successful international companies to offer a wide range of Outdoor Furniture and other relevant outdoor products. Whether you are looking for commercial furniture for schools, reserves, parks or other public areas, we have the solution for you.

We have added a wide range of Outdoor Furniture, Flower/Garden Boxes, Waste Containers, Bicycle Racks, Bollards and other commercial products.

Starena Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Starena has formed a working partnership with Outdoor-Fit who is based out of Canada. This company has invented and manufactured a successful and impressive range of Multi-Gym products and Cardio Climbers. These products offer a unique style of working out and keeping fit as they are designed to be safe, tamperproof and durable, while providing a wide range of exercises for all levels of fitness and ages.

That’s why whether it’s for a correctional facility, military base, indoor recreation centre, outdoor fitness park, services departments or any other area, our fitness equipment is designed for safety and built to last.

Starena Security Protection

Starena in conjunction with internationally recognised protection product suppliers is building a diverse package of security equipment, products, systems and solutions. No matter the venue or area, there is always a requirement for security and protection.

Whether you need fixed, semi-automatic or fully automatic bollards, facial recognition systems, security gates for access control, car park management or vehicle access control, we have the solutions for you.

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